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Business Website
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Design Insurance
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Unlimited Changes
Basic SEO
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Hosting & Maintenance
Light Box Feature
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Calendar Integration
Social Media Integration
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Click-to-Call Feature
Basic Copywriting
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E-Commerce Website
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*Includes everything in business website package plus:
Unlimited products
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SSL certificate
Abandoned cart recovery
Gift cards
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Print shipping labels
USPS Priority Mail Cubic® pricing
Fraud analysis
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What is design insurance?

Design insurance is a ground-breaking service that is unmatched in our industry. When we first started Platform 513 we wanted something that would really wow our customers, so we decided to offer design insurance. Design insurance means that you never have to pay for a website re-design ever again! If in 5-10 years your site starts looking old, SEO changes, or technology changes and you need to update your site, we will update it for no additional cost, ever! This is truly the last website you will ever need to pay for! We realize we could make a lot more money by not offering this, but we care more about good relationships and exceeding our customers expectations.

How much will my set-up fee cost?

We will work with your budget, but the more complex and time consuming your site is, the more your set-up fee will be. If your site is simple, your set-up fee will be minimal.

What is West of the Moon?

Well, we think it’s the Earth. That was our intention with the phrase, anyway. However, after further research and getting out a globe the size of about 32 apples, we have come to the conclusion that there is no east or west in space. Space has no direction. You are probably asking, “is this all true, is there really no direction in space?” Our reply, we’re not sure. This is all very confusing and so we’ve decided to stick to designing websites where we do have direction.

Can Platform 513 help me with branding and marketing?

Yes we can! We help many of our clients with design, online and traditional marketing

Can you help me update my existing website that another web firm built?

Yes! We can take the content you own from the existing site and develop a brand new site. We only support websites that we have fully built so we know everything about how it was designed and how it will work best for you. We have this policy so that we can stand behind everything that we create.

Can you help me source photos for my website?

Yes. We will help you source stock photos. We also have photographers and videographers available to produce custom content for your website.

What's the meaning behind the name Platform 513?

We wanted a name that was totally original and had meaning behind it. A unique name also helps with branding and SEO, which is a big deal to us. So here's what it means...a website is a PLATFORM that enables you to promote your products, services or ideas online. 513 is our unique symbol for Small Business, the 5 looks like the letter "S" and 13 looks like a letter "B". So, Platform 513 is our way of saying we build websites for 5mall13usinesses. Also, the numbers are special to each of us, but that's TMI.

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